The F6F Project is an never ending project where anything creatively is possible 

Founded by Pjotr Meerding in 2017


About the Brand : 

Pjotr uses F6F as an outlet , where he can express his struggle with addiction & mental health.

he mostly does that trough his designs

F6F stands for 666 ,even tho it doesn't represent the devil.

its more about fighting your inner demons , like the ones that come with addiction.

and that will always be something you work on and will always be something you will get better at ; like a project you work on that never ends.

Thats why The F6F Project is and always will be an ongoing project what never ends because the struggles will never end too


Visuals : 

Next to being a brand F6F is focused on making music video's , album covers & events. 

The music video's can differ from a very artistic / unique look to a standard hood video to a clean cinematic video

for refrences to our visual work check out the tab visuals in our menu or check out our YouTube channel.